Raspberry Pi – good ideas for beginners

Ok, so you’ve got your Raspberry Pi, you’ve put Debian Squeeze on an SD card – now what?

This is what I did. Not all of it may be applicable to you, but some of it is definitely a good idea.


Once the Pi has booted, you can login using Username Pi, and password raspberry.
These are default login credentials, so everyone knows them – We should change the default password on this account.
Once logged in, use the following command:


This will ask you for the old and the new password for the pi account.

Now since this is a known account, I like to create my own user account, with:

sudo adduser rob

(Don’t forget to change “rob” to whatever username you would like) This will ask for a few details, and for a password for the account.
if you want to be able to do system administration with this account, we need to add it to the sudoers file, so type:

sudo visudo

There will be a section in there that looks like this:

root ALL=(ALL) ALL
suse ALL=(ALL) ALL

add another line with your username:

root ALL=(ALL) ALL
suse ALL=(ALL) ALL

Press Ctrl-K and then X to save and exit

You can then logout, and log back in with your own user account:



For GPU-accelerated video, we need to install omxplayer. This is a command-line utility that will play h264 videos.
I’ve cobbled together a short install script, which you can download and run using the command line:

edit :- this is now available in the repositories via apt-get:

sudo apt-get install omxplayer

omxplayer can be run using:

omxplayer <video file>


omxplayer -o hdmi <video file>

to output the sound via HDMI instead of the analogue port.

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