With Ubuntu 12.04 on the horizon, it looks like it may be time to upgrade my trusty fileserver.
It’s currently running 10:10 – I originally held off because I was using AWN instead of the normal GNOME panels, and didn’t want to use Unity¬†(In retrospect, this is a bloody stupid reason not to upgrade!)
My current plan is thus:

  • Backup the system completely using my backup script which gzips the filesystem apart from the storage folders and other mounted drives etc.
  • Remove AWN, maybe move to LXDE if I can’t (quickly) go back to GNOME panels.
  • Update through distros till I get to 11.10. I can then wait patiently for the demand on the Ubuntu mirrors to drop off before I come up to 12.04 proper.

Hopefully I have the time to do this during the evenings this week.
I’ll post more with successful updates – If it doesn’t go well, the VM with this blog in will be offline for a bit!

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