I’ve been fairly quiet on here recently – mostly due to messing around with things that I wouldn’t consider geeky enough for here.

A quick summary of the things I have tinkered with though:

I moved my server downstairs, as my Homeplugs have recently started giving me horrible, horrible transfer speeds (down from ~6mbps to ~550kbps), causing painful updates/downloads as my router is downstairs.

As I moved only the base unit downstairs (making it headless), the X server does not start on it’s own when there’s no display connected, so I had to find a way to get it to start using VNC. I VNC to it enough that this isn’t an issue in day-to-day usage.

An upgrade of my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S3
I was due for an upgrade, and Three’s One plan with unlimited data looked a nice prospect for this phone. Yoink!
As the contract includes Unlimited data including tethering, this makes it incredibly easy to run a linux liveCD at work on a spare laptop, tether my phone, and then open an ssh tunnel to home to vnc into my server or my desktop.

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